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Zip Line Adventure Park

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Let’s fly through paradise!

Our Zipline is the height of adventure experience on Guam! Fly through the trees like a bird! Glide so close to the ocean you can smell the salt water in the air!

In the heart of Tumon Bay at Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Guam Adventures has secured acres of ocean view and ocean front property to create a 6 course zipline facility. The course lengths range from 220ft to 550ft. Our highly-trained guides use special equipment and techniques to experience this amazing wilderness from a unique perspective. Customers will enjoy a classic ‘canopy tour’ with stunning views of pristine ocean and mountain areas enjoying thrilling rides with all the safety aspects taken care of.

People of all ages can do this! We will take you flying with us starting at the age of SIX years and up!


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  • Wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting a little sweaty or wet and that will not interfere with the adjustment of the harness or helmet. Our guests do the tour in shorts, T-shirt and running shoes; (skirts, dresses and bathing suits are not appropriate). Closed-toe sport shoes provide the best protection for your feet however strap-on sandals are acceptable; you may not do the tour in bare feet. Please bring a hair tie if you have long hair.

    We don’t recommend that you take your belongings with you on the elements since they can interfere with the equipment and you risk losing them, so we have lockers for small items at our check-in office. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property and we cannot recover items that are dropped from the tour elements.

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  • We have the highest safety standards in the industry.

    Although many tours say they’re safe, few can tell you exactly what they do to make it so, but we can!

    • We only use internationally-certified, superior-quality materials, components and equipment and we use conservative equipment and element capacity limits. We inspect our equipment and tour elements incessantly and document every detail.
    • Our double-line traverses and comprehensive safety line systems for guests and personnel on all high platforms provide unsurpassed risk reduction.
    • We use a time-tested operations system that incorporates internationally-recognized high angle techniques proven effective for risk management in the high adventure tour.
    • As for most adventurous activities, participants must sign a waiver prior to doing the tour and are at their own risk and responsibility.
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  • #1 – Platform Height – 24ft/7.3m – Length – 216ft/66m
    #2 – Platform Height – 24ft/7.3m – Length – 420ft/129m
    #3 – Plarform Height – 12ft/3.6m – Length – 394ft/121m
    #4 – Platform Height – 14ft/4.2m – Length –
    #5 – Platform Height – 6ft/1.8m – Length – 548ft/168m
    #6 – Platform Height – 27ft/8.2m – Length – 239ft/73m
    #7 – Platform Height – 29ft/8.8m – Length – 329ft/101m
    #8 – Platform Height – 24ft/7.3m – Length –